Why I hate weekends! 

I really hate weekends! I have so much lag time on the weekend that all I do is snack and forget to drink water. It’s like I’m good Monday through Friday and Saturday hits and I’m eating whatever. Mostly I’m exhausted. I’ve been taking dance classes this week. Each one is an hour. I did 4 classes this week. I don’t even know how I survived. My body is in such pain. I didn’t hydrate like I was supposed to so I ended up being irregular. 😦 Even though I’m in a lot of pain I’m greatful I coule even get out of bed and step back into the studio. I know I have a long way to go but I know I’ll get there. I’m planning on starting to track my steps and excersie with my new fitbit. Does anyone else have one? I’d love to start a step challenge or something to keep us motivated!! 

I’ll talk to y’all later! Don’t forget you can follow me on instagram: ette811 I’ll post through out the week! And don’t hesitate to comment on my blog!  Thanks!