194.2 Yikes!


Hi, I’m back! I just kicked off my blog and then my computer went M.I.A. I left it back in my hometown with my family. The next time I go home is in a month so I should be able to start back full blogging then. All I have right now is my phone and it’s a pain to blog on it. Maybe once a week I’ll try to make it to a computer to make one big update.  🤔. For now I’m just going to do maybe a daily quick update on some of the things I’m going through or my goals. Things that keep me on this weight loss journey.

For the past month I’ve been really discouraged. I started taking dance classes and then I couldn’t take them anymore because the instructor I had quit. So I went a week or two with no exercise and gained a couple pounds. Also I haven’t been drinking water like I should so I definitely wasn’t fully energized or anything. 

This past Monday I decided to try Pure Barre which is a fitness class to Lift, Tone, and Burn. Essentially ballet fusion toning class. I didn’t want to go but I needed to do something! So I went for an hour and it was gruesome. I haven’t worked out like that in years! I ended up signing up for a whole month of classes. I’m taking part in 20 in 31 class challenge. The challenge is to do 20 classes in 31 days and you get a free prize. I’m on day 4 right now. I started the week at 192.2 but now I’m 194.2. 
Yikes right?  

Wrong! I actually lost inches and my clothes fit better because I gained muscle, especially around my core. I’m not so much worried about dropping pounds anymore just changing the composition of my body. Moving from fat to more muscle. If I lose weight that great but I’m more focused on gaining muscle and keeping my metabolism up. 

Have y’all tried Pure Barre? What do y’all think about it? I find it hard to find something authentic about it. I’ve seen results videos and pictures but I have no idea if people were paid to write a review or if it’s real people showing real results. 🤔 Either way I still love it. It hurts every time and I’m always dripping sweat afterwards. 

I’ve been eating not the best. I definitely have been consuming more carbs than I’d like to admit but I’m working on keeping my carbs to a 2 bread a day maximum. I tend to turn to bread or cake anything like that when I’m hungry. I also have been trying to drink more lemon water with apple cider vinegar. Applr cider vinegar is supposed to be cleansing and help you lose weight… Idk yet I haven’t been taking it steady enough to know.

My goals right now are 

  • 20 days of pure barre in March
  • 2 breads a day
  • Drink more water

Thanks for reading I’ll talk to y’all later! Please leave a comment I’ll try to respond as quickly as possible!  ❤❤